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As should be no surprise to anyone, the fall IMCCA event will again be virtual because of COVID-19.  We had hoped to have an in-person event by this time, but the Delta variant has made that unwise.  It is our second year of being forced to take our typically in-person event into a virtual format, and this in and of itself raises an important point.  Perhaps COVID-19 (and potentially other viruses and variants) will never completely go away.  Perhaps, instead of a pandemic, these will become endemic – a condition we will always have to live with and be protected against via vaccines and other safety measures.


If this is the case, it means our industry will need to stop looking at our responses as temporary safety measures and instead redefine our approach to interpersonal collaboration on a permanent basis.  Instead of waiting for a return to 'normal' we believe it is time to redefine what normal is. 


This webcast will begin the process to define what needs to be Collaboration’s New Best Practices.  We will have expert presentations and discussions on Hybrid Working & Learning, Enterprise Office Design, Home Office Design and much more.   


In addition, our returning panel of industry analyst judges will identify and honor new products / platforms and/or services that acknowledge this vastly different future for collaboration and move us closer to where we need to be.


On November 16th at 11am EST, 4pm UK, The IMCCA present "The Future Of Work - Collaboration's New Best Practices" webcast.  It will be hosted and moderated by IMCCA Board Members and Executive Board Members.  They will be joined by expert industry representatives from our sponsors, and multiple end-users who will share their real-world experiences.   See the full program here and the panelists announced to date here.


The IMCCA Board of Directors and Executive Board will nominate organizations to be recognized for their next-generation, game-changing contributions to the industry and to the future of collaboration.   Nominations will take place in four categories:

  • Collaboration Platform New Features

  • Hardware & Peripherals That Support A New Model Of Working

  • Integrators & Service Providers That Have Developed Next-Generation Offerings

  • Distributors & Miscellaneous Organizations That Have Helped Move Us To The Future Of Work


A group of five impartial, expert judges will select three of the nominees for recognition in each category, and will present them with an IMCCA Industry Impact Award, highlighting and honoring their outstanding contributions during this horrific yet perfect storm of a year for collaboration. 

Irwin Lazar of Metrigy Research is the lead judge, and is joined by the following distinguished panel of fellow judges:



For more information and sponsorship / participation opportunities contact Carol Zelkin:

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