Sixteen Unique Events Across Four Different Venues! 

All sessions are subject to minor changes and re-ordering as venues and sponsors are confirmed.

Monday October 28th


1 - Collaboration Week SV Kickoff – Collaboration 2020 - The State of the Industry, The State of Interoperability –  (maximum 120)

Host / Venue – Intuit


On-site breakfast sponsored by Jabra


Collaboration Week SV Session 1a - The State of The Industry


1a Sessions:

  • UC 2020 - The State of the Industry – Presented by David Danto of The IMCCA – 9-9:45am

    • Team chat, cloud collaboration, mobility, AI, and other factors have turned the UC&C space on its ears.  Our opening session will cover a brief history of how we got to today, and vet the pros and cons of the various options and offerings in today's collaboration market.

  • What Are The User's Saying -- 9:45-10:30am

    • An analyst's opinion is all well and good, but what are the end-user organizations saying and dealing with on a day-to-day basis?  What aren't the manufacturers and service providers hearing and or acting upon?  Our opening session panel discussion will define the top of mind issues for the user community and the rest of this conference.

    • Panelists:

      • Kevin Hyatt, The Walt Disney Company

      • Ben Loy, Google

      • Peter Kolak, Intuit

  • Break - 10:30am

  • Setting Standards For and Managing Enterprise Collaboration and AV – Presented by Peter Kolak of Intuit –10:45 – 11:30am

    • Peter will take attendees on his journey of identifying the right products and solutions, setting firm-wide standards and managing a large deployment of collaboration technology.

  • Attendee Giveaway – One morning sessions attendee will win Jabra Panacast3 Camera @ 11:30


Collaboration Week SV Day One - Lunch Break - Sponsored by Lifesize

Enjoy an on-site meal and beverages while networking with your industry peers and discussing your specific situation.


Collaboration Week SV Session 1b - The State of Interoperability

1b Sessions:

  • Why Can't I Just Call You? – Presented by Karl Hantho, IMCCA Board Member – 2:00pm - 2:45pm

    • Interoperability methods are seemingly subject to pronouns.  When industry providers speak to users, "our approach to interoperability" is apparently always good, and "their approach" is always bad.  Is universal calling interoperability across all providers even possible anymore?  Will we ever achieve the provider managed invisible exchanges that voice telephony has, or do we need to find another way?  And, once calling interoperability has been achieved, what about team chat and IM? This session will explore the various obstacles and options.

  • Interoperable Conversations - What are organizations doing today? – Moderator TBA  – 2:45pm - 3:30pm

    • End-users  - assuming we can get them all speaking interoperably in a single conversation - will detail how they're solving this problem today, and what they've experienced as a result.

    • Panelists:

      • Gary LaSasso, Amicus Therapeutics

      • Peter Kolak, Intuit

      • Kevin Hyatt, Disney

  • Solving The Problem Today – Presented by Robb Woods of BlueJeans –3:45pm – 4:30pm

    • This session will look at services that allow disparate systems to communicate with each other, and detail what to look for when choosing such a solution. 

  • Attendee Giveaway – One afternoon sessions attendee will win a Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset @ 4:30pm




Private Dinner Sessions

A number of Collaboration Week SV sponsor firms will be hosting optional dinners for their clients, to discuss issues of specific concern and brief users about future plans.

Tuesday October 29th


2 - Collaboration Week SV Day Two – The Epic Battles, The Experts Speak –  (maximum 60)

Host / Venue – Poly San Jose


On-site breakfast sponsored by Poly

Collaboration Week SV Session 2a - Where Are The Battle Lines Today

2a Sessions:

  • Where Are The Battle Lines Today – Presented by S. Ann Earon of TRI – 9:00am - 9:45pm

    • Who would have thought, more than twenty years past the launch of Unified Communications, our industry would still be just about as un-unified as possible.  There are manufacturers / providers who believe believe all systems must meet their specific specifications to interoperate.  There are those that believe producing natively interoperable solutions is a better direction.  There are those who believe that the future of collaboration is a form-fitting PC or Mac with peripherals, and there are those who believe appliances are safer and easier to scale and support.  This session will explore in detail the pros and cons of the various entrenched camps in our industry.

  • The Users Speak - Why are you in your camp? – Moderator S. Ann Earon– 9:45am - 10:30am

    • End-users will explain why they are in the hardware or software, closed system or open system camps, and what they've experienced as a result.

    • Panelists:

      • Gary LaSasso, Amicus Therapeutics

      • Fletcher Bunales, Intuit

  • Break

  • A New Vision For 2020 And Beyond – Presented by David Danto (with his Poly hat on) – 10:45am – 11:15am

    • This session will look at some of the new collaboration products and modalities that are just coming to market and will impact the decisions end-user firms will make going forward .

  • Attendee Giveaway – Two morning session attendees will win a Poly Voyager 8200UC @ 11:30am


Collaboration Week SV Day Two Lunch Break - Sponsored by Barco

Enjoy an on-site meal and beverages while networking with your industry peers and discussing your specific situation.


Collaboration Week SV Session 2b - The Experts Speak

2b Sessions:

  • What Do The Numbers Say? – Presented by Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research – 2:00pm - 2:45pm

    • Manufacturers give us their sales pitches, but the metrics from actual user firms tell the honest story.  What is working? What isn't? What strategies and blends are leading to the greatest successes?  Irwin will take us through the results of his team's research and help show us what approaches have achieved the best results.

  • Video First - Collaboration in the year 2020 – Presented by Dave Michels of Talking Pointz  – 2:45pm - 3:30pm

    • Unified Communications used to involve escalation - an instant message to a screen share to a voice call and then, if needed, a video call.  As we close in on the year 2020, the process has been flipped in most cases, with video taking the lead in communications and collaboration.  Dave will fill us in on this trend and give his advice on how enterprises should approach the space.

  • Ask Us Anything –3:45pm – 4:30pm

    • Our expert collaboration gurus will take questions from the audience and give their opinions of the best and worst in the industry today

      • Moderator: David Danto

      • Panelists:

        • Dave Michels

        • Irwin Lazar

        • Mark Peterson

  • Attendee Giveaway – One afternoon sessions attendee will win a Poly Eagle-Eye Cube @ 4:30pm



3 - Collaboration Week SV– Gala Dinner / Awards / Discussion (maximum 100)

A spectacular dinner at Il Forniao in San Jose to network with peers in your industry.



  • Welcoming remarks by the IMCCA Executive Director

  • Emerging Technology Fellow Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award for Robert Hagerty

  • State of the Industry Panel Discussion - Participants TBD

Wednesday October 30th


4 - Collaboration Week SV Day Three – A Day At The Office –  (maximum 65)

Host / Venue – Amazon


On-site breakfast sponsored by Amazon


Collaboration Week SV Session 4a - The New Workspace, The New Risks

4a Sessions:

  • Breaches, Malware and Risks- Oh My! – Presented by Josh Srago of AVNationTV – 9:00am - 9:45am

  • The reality of today's enterprise collaboration environments is that they are vulnerable and represent a potential disaster around the corner.  What are today's biggest risks?  What are the best practices that one can follow to minimize those risks?

  • The Workspace Of The Future - Just What Is An Office? - Presented by Mark Peterson of Shen, Milsom & Wilke – 9:45am - 10:30am

    • Picture a 1970's office.  It has walls, doors, desk phones, a lunchroom and a few meeting rooms.  Now picture a 2020 office.  It may be the 'dreaded' open office, it may be an airport terminal, a home basement, a shared working space, or honestly anything else.  UC&C 2020 means that technology works to connect colleagues regardless of where they are.  What does this reality do to space design, 'home office' design and our ability to concentrate on work?

  • Break 10:30am - 10:45am

  • The Amazon View Of The Office – 10:45 – 11:30am Presented by Sam Chon of AWS – 10:45am - 11:30am

    • Amazon will explain to attendees how their offices have been set up, and what they found works and doesn't work.

  • Attendee Giveaway – One session attendee will win an Amazon Echo @ 11:30